Railbike Tours!

Embark on a Unique Railbiking Adventure!

Enjoy the fresh air, picturesque surroundings, and abundant wildlife on a railbike tour with Joy Rails. Explore your favorite destinations from a new perspective as you pedal your way along retired railroad tracks in our easy-to-ride railbikes

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Breathtaking Railbike Scenery

Take a journey with your friends and family or all alone as our tour guides lead a caravan of railbikes along unused tracks. Each location features breathtaking scenery in the region, from fragrant meadows to mountain views.

Joy Rails railbike tours are the ideal addition to your itinerary as:

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A fun activity to get kids active and learning about the outdoors

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A relaxing afternoon to spend with a loved one enjoying the sites and sounds of nature

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An interesting introduction of the local area to visiting friends and family

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A unique teamwork activity for work or recreational groups, and so much more!


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Adventure Through Oregon's Meadows and Coastal Forests

Enjoy the variety of surroundings, from grassy meadows to coastal forests–providing you with panoramic views. Admire the local wildlife, which will certainly include songbirds, farm animals, and you may even catch a glimpse of something truly special.

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Rail Bike Safety

A Joy Rails railbike tour is a unique experience combining independent pedal activity on retired railroad tracks with awe-inspiring views of nature. We want all riders to experience a safe, relaxing, and memorable railbike adventure. Read more about our rules and requirements to ensure you and your guests are well-prepared for your Joy Rails railbike tour.

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