About Joy Rails

The story of how Joy Rails came to be centers around the passions of one individual with a love for the environment and a desire to partake in fun outdoor adventures.

While the owner, Ben, was on a family vacation, he discovered a passion for a new tourism activity: railbike adventures. These human-propelled quadricycles travel on retired railways to provide riders with an up-close experience of the natural surroundings. 

Ben's love for rail biking is first that it's FUN! The quadricycles are lightweight, making them easy to pedal. Riders can relax while enjoying a sun-filled afternoon and breathing fresh air as they travel along otherwise hidden pathways through the countryside.

Secondarily, it's entirely green. There are no combustion engines, zero carbon emissions, and no adverse environmental impacts. It's also a great way to use these sections of the railway that have otherwise been retired.

After an unforgettable experience as a rider with his family, Ben founded Joy Rails in 2024. It was obvious to him that he wanted to share this amazing experience with other families. The first tour in his new company is located in Coquille, Oregon, within scenic Southern Oregon.

But Coquille, Oregon, isn't the final destination on his rail-riding journey! Rather, it's just the beginning of a fantastic new adventure. Joy Rails is expanding nationwide and exploring more rail biking opportunities. Who knows where the tracks will lead Joy Rails next?

Joy Rails

Joy Rails Quadricycles

We rely on a fleet of specially designed, four-wheeled quadricycles that are easy to ride for all ages. The quadricycles are made of aluminum and polyurethane wheels, making them excellent at gliding along the track, although it still takes some effort, about half of bicycling. Each cycle allows up to four riders. Adjustable seatbelts and pedals make setup quick and easy.

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Are you ready to ride along with Joy Rails? The magic is in the hands-free experience that our rail bikes offer. You can gaze at the majestic scenery without fear of falling over. Full-sized trains do not use the rails, so you can pedal safely!

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